Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
What's up dude? I have been kinda good this year, but then again I am kind of good at just about anything I do. So, I have been giving it a lot of thought and sorry it's right on Christmas Eve, but here is my Christmas list.
1. A smile for Victoria Beckham. Seriously, why does she never smile? She has hella money and anything she could want and still no smile?! What's the deal Posh? I bet I could make her smile, scream obscenities and shout for joy and it wouldn't cost a shit ton of money, bend it like Beckham my ass! lol ;).
2. I would like for someone to finally kick Chuck Norris' ass so the nonsense can end already. Chuck Norris you aren't invincible and enough of the total gym already.
3. I would like a GPS and a tracking device for Waldo so he will not be so very difficult to locate.
4.I would like for the Ghost Hunters show to be more like Scooby Doo, because it is just as dumb but not as entertaining as Scooby Doo and I think they could use the ratings.
5. I want a big bag of weed and for it to finally be legalized already. Jail is no place for stoners. Stoners hurt no one, unless you are a box of cereal or a bag of Dorito's I sincerely doubt you have to worry about a stoner attacking you.
6.A yo-yo,( I got nothing here, I just think yo-yo's are cool)
7.I would also like peace in the Middle East. I want them to finally realize that killing someone in the name of religion and peace is just as dumb as fucking to preserve virginity.
So, anyway Santa, there is my Christmas list. Good luck trying to get all of that done. I think even with a decade's time the above feats with exception of acquiring a yo-yo, are next to impossible. Later Santa! Peace, Weed and Happy Dreams Dude!