Thursday, April 08, 2010


Guess what boys and the select few lesbians and bisexual chicks. Lesbains are the Mona Lisa of the real world. So fucking beautiful. Brings a tear to my right eye and Happiness to my penis. But I digress it's The HALL OF HOTTIES!!!!!!! Today we induct:

 Pauley Perrette
She is known to the country as the super hott goth girl on NCIS. He character's name is Abby Sciuto. I just got recently into this show. I look at all my friends who watch television. WHY THE FUCK DIDN"T YOU INTRODUCE ME TO THIS SHOW SOONER. Thank you. Her character is a  hott girl with a PhD in Chemistry. Brains and looks very dangerous. She also guest starred on the Drew Carey show for four episodes.A very cool girl and would love to have a beer with her. We induct you and those sexy boots in the Hall Of Hotties