Monday, September 13, 2010


What the fuck is this? A new Hall Of Hotties Blog. Seriously someone check my temperature and see if I am ok. Well, last night was the VMAs. The feud between  Kanye and Taylor is over and now they will somehow end up dating. Their cute nickmane will  be Test. Lady Gaga's raw meat dress was kinda weird. Two pints to make about that. 1. There are starving kids in Ethiopia that would love to eat that dress and Lady Gaga as well. 2. When the the meat goes bad can we throw it away in Ke$ha's trash bag dress? Maybe, just maybe, she will get mauled by a starving Raccoon. However, there was one lady that performed on the show last night, that I fell in love with. She is now number 3 behind Zooey and Miss Rachael Ray. The newest member inducted into the Hall Of Hotties is:

                                           HALEY WILLIAMS

The fiery red head singer of the group Paramore. They formed in 2004 in Franklin Tennessee. Their song CrushCrushCrush soared to the top of the charts. She is the anti Avril Lavigne and thank god. Could we take another girl wearing her dads ties. She has a punk rock/emo look and so damn hott. It is if she walked out of a wet dream I had with punk music in it. She also lend her voice to the B.O.B hit Airplanes. Dear Haley, I will have your babies. I would like to add this emo/rock princess to the Hall Of Hotties. And Hayley if you read this, send me an email. We can go to the Cheesecake Factory.