Saturday, September 04, 2010

A loving but Kinda Pissy Rant

I could be wrong in assuming that this is still true. Plus, you know what happens when you assume. A kitten will be tortured by a crossdresser named Alberto wearing a pair granny panties . But am I wrong in thinking that most people are still in the belief that Money Is Everything? Most of my life, Its never are you happy with something, you are doing for a job, its more how much do you make. Personal happiness doesn't mean shit in this society. Teachers, the profession that should be the highest paid in my opinion is the one of the lowest. People teach because they love that they are contributing to society in a way. However, you tell someone you are a teacher its the Oh factor. Guy says “I'm a teacher.” Other guy says”oh,Why would you do that? I make 10 or 15 thousand more a year than you and didn't even finish school.” Im not saying money is bad. We have to have money to pay the bills and stuff. But we are judged on how much we have to spend. Take for example my birth mother, She only comes around if she needs something. Here is an example, She needed a car. She knew my dad had enough money to buy said car. She butters him up and makes him believe that she has changed. He gives in and buys her the car. What happens, a few days later, she got what she needed and left. She loves what money can do not the people that she needs to. Money causes the worst in people. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason. Maybe we should take a step back in these tough economic times and realize what actually matters in life. Take the time to call or text a friend or family member. Make them smile and then they will possibly do the same thing. Think about what truly makes you happy. Money isn't everything, Happiness is.

I have tried to do what I loved most of my life until my Real mother got sick. It took over a full year since the tragedy started for me to say ,Im proud to be a comic. And if that somehow bothers you, You can kiss my hairy dingleberry filled ass. I am more proud to have started CHP. I'm happy with the fact I can make someones day better be it this shitastic blog, Facebook Status, Online Store, CD, Telling a joke on stage, Taking a photo, Whatever it may be, I know im doing my part on society. I might have had a shit ton of set backs in my life. But now is the start of a new day. And to all the doubters and people who wanted to hold me back. You may not think a person from a small town can make it. I WILL PROVE YOUR ASSES WRONG