Friday, September 24, 2010

Who Ya Gots?

The NFL and College football seasons in full swing and MLB teams fighting for the playoffs, It is a damn good time to be a sports fan. This weekend is gonna be off the chain. That is why, if you bet on games, I am gonna help your asses out. I am gonna look into the crystal ball ( in my case 3 balls)and make my picks for this weekends top match ups in college and pros. Lets kick it off with some Collegiate action

#1 Alabama at #10 Arkansas 

The number 1 team in the nation is gonna have some trouble this week in Hawg country. Bama has had an amazing start beating a young Penn State team. I think Arkansas is a much better team. Bama secondary is not as strong this season. They lost their two best corners to the NFL. Ryan Mallet will be able to throw all day long against a week secondary. The way Bama will be able to march down the field is through their run game. This will not be your Dad's defensive classic. Arkansas pulls out the upset and wins by a score of 44-33

#24 Oregon state at #3 Boise State

OSU, do you actually think painting your practice field Blue will help you win? If that was the case, Gargamel would have bought some small dogs, painted them blue and he would be able to catch the Smurfs. Not Gonna Happen!!!! OSU won't be able to stop the passing attack Boise state has. Boise wins in a blowout 38-13

#22 West Virginia at #15 LSU

I have though long and hard about this game. If it was on a neutral field or West Virginia, I think I would have took The Mountaineers. However, it is at LSU and they are one tough team at home. This is a statement game for the Tigers. LSU wins in a good game 24-20.


#16 Stanford at Notre Dame

Stanford has had bad luck in South Bend. Weird thought! Doesn't look a little bad that a catholic school want to beat some Cardinals. Thought I would point that out. I have Notre Dame finally coming into their own this week and pulling the surprise win. 27-16

Its time for Week 3 NFL, Who Ya Gots?

Titans at Giants

Chris Johnson had a bad week against Pitt. The Giants had a bad week against the Colts. The Titans will want this game more. The Titans are gonna be a tough team to defuse. Titans win one on the road 17-14

Cowboys at Texans

Dallas is in a bigger panic mode than the economy. 0-2. How do you not beat the Redskins. I know they have a new Qb and coach but it was at home. Tony Romo are you back with Jessica Simpson. If you lose this week to a damn good Texans team, Wade Phillips will be shit canned. The Texans are playing some of the best football in the league. Dallas goes 0-3. Texans win it easily 38-17

Packers at Bears 

The rivalry gets renewed on Monday Night. The battle of young QBs. Rogers vs Cutler. I am saying the Packers win this one. the reason being Aaron Rogers just has more weapons on the offensive side of the ball than Cutler. Will be one hell of a game though. Packers win. 24-17


Colts at Broncos

This a huge risk. Indy comes off a tremendous performance against the Giants. The colts are starting to find their stride. However, Kyle Orton has been impressive. Look at his stats through 2 games. 602 yards passing and 3 tds. He and Knowshon will give Denver the edge they need by running the clock and keeping Peyton off the field. Denver shocks the sporting world, 24-21

Get ready to sit back and relax and watch some football