Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hall of Hunks

So this time we have an unusual hunk. He's tall, dark, and handsome. And what an ass! Of course the dark and ass are his personality not his looks. I am talking about none other than Dr. Gregory House. All I have to say is we can play doctor any day he wants. Of course we might want to duct tape his mouth shut first-but hey he loves kink. Makes me wonder if the cane is for his leg or if he needs to even out the distribution.

Don't you just want to claw out Cuddy's eyes? But then again with a rack like hers, I might be willing to try a menagie a trios. But only this one time. Last time it got weird, Richard kept telling me to kiss the doll, she kept going flaccid from a leak. Very disappointing. I finally put my foot down when he brought out the sausage. But House and Cuddy yeah I'd hit that. That ends today's submission into the hall, but if you want to play doctor, call Richard he's going through a dry spell.