Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Really Big Bowl Of Random

I hope everyone’s day is going kick ass. I was thinking about a blog to write for the past couple of days. I have so many ideas but its not enough for a full blog. So I thought why not put them all together and make one crazy blog. This is what I like to call The Really Big Bowl Of Random.

When the fuck did Weebles start being sold again? Im pissed no one told me.

Funny Face is the second most annoying song ever. I will find the first and when I do, watch out. It will be stuck in everyone's head. You have been warned!

One of the greatest things I have heard in the past two weeks. “Look at that couple, That’s love. Son's of Bitches.”

I was at the Rock N Roll Highway festival this past weekend. I learned something very dirty about myself while sitting in a lawn chair freezing my nuts off. I have a lot of fetishes. Didn't think that is where this was going, did ya? My number one is uniforms. I love me a woman in a school girl uniform or cheerleader or naughty nurse or french maid. Seriously, I could keep going all day. Well, I am adding a new look to that list. The 50s girl. Something is really hott about the look. So innocent. Poodle skirt, The Glasses. I have to take care of a problem hold on a sec........... I feel better. Its so damn hott it deserves a hot a second T. There wasn’t anyone there who was hot in their outfits but on the right girl. I already have a bad heart, that might do me in. At least I would die with a smile on my face.

If I find someone after posting that, I will be shocked.

I have been without a phone for almost two weeks. Kinda weird to get used to. What do I miss most? Flirting with girls I know I have no chance with. They know who they are.

I wonder if I am the friend everyone hangs out with to make them selves look better. I mean look at me. I am a Silent Bob cloning experiment gone awry.

My dad hates when I spike my hair. One woman told me it looked good. Listen to my Dad, or women. Sorry Dad, that’s a losing battle.

I will only admit this on the blog. I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Katy Perry's music. I know after this is posted, I will get a message telling me I have lost my man card for the 100th time. The next time I lose it, I get a Buy one soap, Get one free at Bed Bath and Beyond. So I am kinda stoked about that.

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I think that does it for the first helping of the Really Big Bowl Of Random. I see this bowl being served a lot.

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