Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Retro Music Video

Did anyone of you that read this ever figure out a rubix cube? I found one in some of my old stuff. I realized that I might actually be to dumb to figure it out or I got really creative. You can solve it the hard way. The way it is supposed to be done. That is not how this comic did it. I took off all the sticker and put them back on. It was a very cheap way of doing it but damn it, it worked. Now I have what looks like to be a solved Rubix Cube sitting on my dresser. If the day comes that I ever get a girl in the bedroom, at least I will look more intelligent. I know what you are thinking? There is no way in hell that a girl will ever be in that bedroom. Well to you I say, Miracles can happen. Just ask Pauly Shore. Playing with this cube made me think that today we needed an 80s video. I'm thinking i was right. How about 1982? How about the 80s iconic band Duran Duran? And how about today's song Rio