Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Retro Music Video

As we walk like zombies closer to Halloween, I was thinking about one of the classic Horror stories. Good ole Frankenstein. Made on a slab and brought to life by Dr. Frankenstein. Scary as hell! Unless of course you are Michael Phelps. He wouldn't come after you. For being so menacing, he was scared of everything. Wait a second, I think I am too. Shit. Does that mean I'm a monster? Speaking of bringing creatures to life. Today's Retro Video does just that. Its the theme to one of my Personal Favorite Movies. I also want to throw in this picture. As I tried to make man, No Woman.I was using a stereo, 1982 AMC Eagle and my old desktop. Needless to say I failed worse than I did on prom Night.

That is me paying my respects to the awesome movie Weird Science. I look sexy with a bra on my head don't I. I think this look might replace the backwards hat for me. Here is Oingo Boingo with the 1985 hit and theme to the movie, Weird Science.


~*Jayme In the Sky With Diamonds*~ said...

I want the bra on your head... its kinda pretty...