Friday, October 15, 2010

Who Ya Gots?

Once again, I got my ass handed to me last weekend. I finished with a record of 1-3. I seriously feel like I am getting worse at this then better. It starting to become like my sex life. I have an overall record of 6-10. This is the week. Damn it. This is the week. You know how it goes. A few college games and a few pro games. I give the predictions. I look bad next week when I type a new Who Ya Gots?


#1 Ohio State @ #18 Wisconsin

This game isn’t going to be Gouda for the Badgers. A little part of me died making that pun. Ohio State is the nation's new Number 1. They will prove why they deserve that ranking. The Buckeyes are lead bu Heisman hopeful Terrell Pryor. Who this season has really stepped his game up. Wisconsin just doesn’t have enough on Defense to stop the weapons OSU has. Ohio State goes into Wisconsin and slices the comp. 27-14

#12 Arkansas @ #7 Auburn

Razorbacks have one loss this season. The heart breaking defeat to Bama. This is a statement game for the Hawgs. Auburn comes into this game undefeated. They knocked off the team that defeated Bama last week, South Carolina. Ryan Mallet played a great game against Bama till the 4th quarter. This week I think he keeps his composure and get Arkansas back on track. Arkansas over Auburn 31-27

Upset Special.

Texas A&M Over # 21 Missouri. A&M looking to improve after their close loss to the Razorbacks last week. I think Mizzou loses a hard fought game. 24-21


Raven @ Patriots

Both teams come into this game 3-1. The Pats without Randy Moss give them less offensive threats on field. Bad for the Pats. Great for Wes Welker and my Fantasy team. (Gives A Thumbs UP) The Ravens D will prove to be to much for the chowder heads. Ravens win 28-14

Cowboys @ Vikings

It is the Underachievement Bowl!!!!! Each one of these teams at the beginning of the season were Super Bowl contenders. They are just hoping for a winning season now. I do like Minnesota better in this game. Just a stronger team in my opinion. Vikings win. 17-10

Chiefs @ Texans

Who would have thought that this was going to be between a team with two winning records. Oh wait, Ha! I did. The Texans have done as well at home. The Chiefs D is young and hungry. This is going to be a very close game but I am taking the Chiefs to win one on the road. 20-13

Upset Special

The Rams over the Chargers at home. The Rams are looking a lot better than most of us thought they would. 27-10

That does it for this weeks WHO YA GOTS? One more time. This is the week! Damn it!