Saturday, November 06, 2010

Retro Music Video

Lets get this out of the way now. Cheap Plug. Get Sarcastically Sophisticated for mp3 download on Amazon. And that takes care of that. On Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in a restaurant having a good lunch. Then across the room came walking a girl that caught my nephew's eye. "She is hot." he kept saying.  A little time had passed. He asked if he should give her, his number. We said yes. Holy Shit! Well, She goes out to her car. He looks at us and say I think I am going to talk to her. He heads out to follow her. This is the moment that makes me go. I'm his uncle Damn it. My sister had to be even happier. His friend decided to follow him. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!! His friend cock blocked him. Yellow Flag. Personal Foul, Cock Blocking, Penalty: Loss of Man Card. We get out to the car to find out one of the most classic man codes has been broken. By this point she had walked back in. We are all now in the car. He says he should give her his number. He gets a napkin from the Thicker and Juicer, Sonic. Writes it down. Walks in to the restaurant, Goes up to her table and says "I think you might need this!" A little icing on the cake, who was she eating lunch with on this Sunday. You guessed it. Her Family. He has earned some extra man points. She never did call. The act of doing it was AWESOME. Well, we were sitting at Sonic. By the way, You really need to try the holiday hot chocolate. Made for an instant gratification. He says to me "For your Retro video Thingy, you should have the video where its part drawn and has the girl in it. If you don't put it up you need your ass beat" I am to pretty to my face rearranged. Today's Retro Video as requested by my nephew is A-ha with Take On Me.