Monday, November 29, 2010

Retro Music Video

I remember being 14 when this song came out. I was sitting on my couch in a Chicago Bulls shirt and a pair of sweatpants watching music videos. After, Are You Jimmy Ray goes off. I see a girl sitting at a desk tapping her shoe against a desk. My mind starts traveling a 100 mph. The bell rings and the song starts. I thought I had died and gone to kinky heaven. There are 7 schoolgirls dancing on my screen. OMG. I am hypnotized by the screen. That was the moment I knew what fetishes were. I also realized it is very hard hiding a boner in a pair of sweat pants. Today, we go back to 1998 and the song that started the career for a young Britney Spears and Female impersonators everywhere. Baby, One More Time.