Saturday, December 04, 2010

Retro Drunk Files Music Video

This is kinda of a mix of two blogs in one. It's almost like going to a Payless shoes BOGO sale. Billy Mays couldn't have even have hyped this. Why? Cause it is bigger than him.

Last night as we were getting ready to watch The Expendables, (And by we, I mean my sis, the Murph and myself.) we were in the kitchen getting some bad ass snackage and coffee. I should say that it was after 1:30 in the morn as well. It was a long night of the Murph and I kicking some ass (My sister was the victim) at pool. Murph had one beer for each year he is alive. Everyday he drinks like it's his birthday. He also had some whiskey. Now you know the back story. She gets out a long roll of summer sausage. My sister was holding a foot long and pretty thick piece of meat in her hand. So, what was a bad night for her changed very quickly in the blink of eye.  We were discussing John Wayne movies or who had the best breasticles? I can't remember I have slept since then. Out of the clear blue, The Murph starts ass humping her in the kitchen. He was like a coked up chihuahua and my sister was his leg of paradise. She starts screaming get off me. In all honesty, She was enjoying it. Just remember the first stage is denial. He gets that look in his eye. I know what is fixing to happen next. Good Bye Dry Hump Anal Virginity. He pretends my ass is Wednesday and made it hump day. After I was anally violated, it hit me. I know what today's retro video is gonna be. Here is the 1989 hit by Digital Underground, The Humpty Dance.