Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Worst Christmas Gift Ever

Although I'm not sure if this gift is worse than Richard's Billy Gay I mean Ray Cyrus cd it runs a close second. Has anyone out there ever heard of a Galileo Thermometer? Don't worry I'll wait a minute while you think about it.... that's right you haven't. You know why? Because they are awful. Let me explain to you what this is. It is a foot long glass tube that looks like a dildo filled with water with different little weights in it with numbers for the temperature. First of it's not accurate and second it looks like a dildo. I don't know about you folks but an object resembling a glass sex toy is not my idea of a Merry Christmas. I have no idea what the people who gave this to me were thinking or where they got it but when I saw it I could do nothing but laugh. I know you are supposed to smile and say "thanks", but I just laughed and said, "Is this a dildo?" which made everyone kinda mad.... I guess I could have gotten something worse but I cant think of anything worse except maybe a pic of Stick Figure ramming himself in the corn-hole with said thermometer. Anyway Merry Christmas and may you all get cool gifts, except for Stick Figure Dan... he's a douche' and I think Richard would agree.