Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hottie and Hunk of the Month Contest

Have your friends called you Hott? Have your friends called you Sexy? Have your friends touched you and they just spontaneously combusted? If you answered yes to the third question. Please walk up and have these certain celebs touch you. In no particular order, Pauly Shore, Louie Anderson, Russel Crowe, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber and Carrot Top. If you did answer yes to those question, enter The Buzz Kill Blogs Official Hottie and Hunk of the Month Contest. Here are the Contest rules

All emails must be sent to the or to my Facebook page
The email must contain the following. Name, Age, and the best pic of yourself. No nudity. The subject of the email should say " Hunk Of the Month" if you are a male or "Hottie of the Month" if you are a female.
One entry per person.

Each candidate will be looked over by the panel of  judges here at The Buzz Kill Blog.

If you are not selected, don't be sad. We will keep each entry for the following months.

The one male and one female selected for that month will get an interview. A Hall Of Hotties and Hall Of Hunks wrote about them.

Each one of you will also win a free T-shirt from the CHP Store. 
At the end of the year Each Monthly winner will be featured in The Hall Of Hunk And The Hall Of Hotties Calendar

If you got what it takes Enter right Now!!!!!