Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Love A Rainy Night

The clouds start to roll in on a warm day. It begins to get darker and darker. All of sudden off in the distance a bolt of lighting hits the ground. You turn to your friend standing out in the middle of a field holding a kite and say "We need to get the Fuck outta here." He drops his Harry Potter Quidditch kite and takes off running screaming like a woman in the middle of child birth. Stroms. Some people are afraid of them.  I think a better word is terrified. The thunder that shakes the house, the flash of lighting. I on other hand love them. Something about hearing the rain on a window seal or on a roof makes me just sleep like a big ole baby.

Put me in a diaper and I would be good to go. And that is your disturbing mental image of the day. This Disturbing mental image is brought to you Henry's Vienna Sausages. You will love our little wieners in your mouth. Henry's. 

This installment of Retro Music Video, features the 1981 hit by Eddie Rabbit. As I right this I am in the middle of a bad storm plus it's one of those songs that will make you feel better. Did I mention it will get stuck in your head too. Here is, I Love A Rainy Night!