Monday, February 14, 2011

Retro Music Video

Welcome to The Buzz Kill blog. Things are going to be changing. We no longer have a domain name that an elephant couldn't remember. We are now That is so much easier to remember. This week we are reintroducing our main staples and maybe a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Sit back and you will enjoy this 3 hour tour. 

I was at a football game back in October. A friend saw a young couple walk in front of us. The couple is holding hands. They are madly in love. She looks at us and says " That is love right there, Sons of Bitches." I feel her pain. With that being said let me add this to the argument, Fuck Valentine's Day. I mean seriously, what other freaking "holiday" can make just as many people sad as happy. Christmas and my birthday doesn't count. As many of us will be spending this holiday alone, for me I will be spending it with a teddy bear. The bear's name, Mr. Bear. We will be watching reruns of The Office. I am gonna sit here wishing all day, I could be The Pam to someones Jim. This Retro Video is for all the lonely men and women out there today. This day should be renamed to National Depression Day. J. Geils band said it best with their hit Love Stinks