Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hall Of Hotties

One thing we take very proudly here At The Buzz Kill Blog HQ is the fact we know our hotties.We love to see a sexy a chick shaking what her momma gave her. Some of those gifts are better than others. Sometimes it pays to be an ass man. However, on an unrelated note, I think I am slowly becoming a boobs man. Yay! Can you tell me a better place to rest your head than a good pair of fun bags. I think not! Well, the discussion was brought up of who we were gonna induct into the Hall for this a very sacred holiday! We debated. After 12 hours and arguing about who was the best professional female pool player. That was simple. Jeanette Lee. Thank you very much. We decided who we were gonna induct. We needed a chick that embodied the stoner name. We were gonna go with the chick from Weeds! However, an interview was brought to my attention. The actress in this interview said she got high before she started working on a script. After seeing a couple of her movies, I completely understand. The next induction in to the Hall of Hotties is:
Anna Faris

This one hott 34 year old actress, is best known to us as Cindy from the Scary Movie franchise or as I like to call it, The Spoofs that wouldn't die. She might be a blonde now but she also made one sexy brunette! I would have loved to been the one that would have got to shave her pubic hair in that movie. If I could have done that, I could have died happy. Her next big hit, was The House Bunny! Oh JESUS. The thought of her in that movie has given me boners for the last two years and non stop I might add. If more playboy bunnies looked like her, I would have a subscription, hands down. Anna is one beautiful woman and seems like she keeps getting better looking the older she gets. She is like a fine bottle of wine. We would like to welcome this 34 year old pot smoking sex kitten into the Hall of Hotties. Anna if you read this, I have a blunt that you can smoke on if you know what I mean.