Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Retro Music Video

The 80s! Can a decade be summed up more by saying Big Hair and Eye Liner? I think not! I went on the search for today's Retro Vid. I have been thinking for a couple of days what I was gonna put up. I thought Mexican Radio by House of Voodoo. It's not a very good song and in all honesty kinda annoying. I was having a hard time to decide this one. I wanted something 80s Cheesy and was wanting it like, right freaking now. Well, I knew it wasn't going to be happening. I took some suggestions for songs. One of the songs suggested to me was Spirit in the Sky. One of my all time favorite songs. We had it an ad for the radio show I used to be on back in my old hometown. We had a request to play that song almost every Saturday night. I thought it would be a good one. I head on over to the big video library known as youtube! I type in Spirit in the Sky. I was expecting just a performance of Norman Greenbaum but instead I was got the best surprise of my life. I had no clue that this song was remade in the 80s and with the 80s cheesiness I was looking for. Doctor and the Medics remake actually isn't horrible. In all fairness, it's pretty damn good. However, it wouldn't be an 80s video unless it looked like Boy George and George Micheal had sex and had a baby, then that baby fucked Madonna and they had a baby, and then that baby spontaneously combusted into tons of glitter. Here is the 80s cover of Spirit in The Sky.


Danielle said...

Okay...I did know of this. I suppose I blocked it out for the preservation of sanity. However, I do have to admit the cover is pretty good though. It's the video that creeps you out. If I heard this on the radio I would probably jam, but you are right about the guy in the video. EEWWWWW!