Friday, May 06, 2011

Hall of Hunks

I have taken some time away due to some personal problems that you will find out very shortly. Let's just say marrying an old man for money might have it's benefits after all. However, i wanted my life to get back to somewhat normal for a little bit. I wanted to write about a HUNK!!!

Danielle made a sad attempt at a HOH! Personally, it makes me question what she is on this week. So I noticed to stay away from it, He is about as sexy as fucking piece of dried up piece of leather, but he looks like a dried up piece of leather with buck teeth.

My choice for the induction into the Hall of Hunks is so hot you can fry an egg on his abs and lick it off. Yummy! Oh please, Let me lick it off, good sir. Galen Gering is one of the steamiest actors to grace the small screen, Whether, it was on Passions, as the adorable Luis or Rafe on Days Of Our Lives. 

I would have preferred running into him when he was a model or backpacking through as a team. He as already pulled Prince William and walked down the isle. His wedding didn't have as many people. Couldn't you just rip her hair out, Jerry Springer Style or kill her, get cosmetic surgery to look like her and hide her body.

As one of People magazines most beautiful people in 2008, or his subsequent character on Days Of Our Lives, women all over have been following this dark and sultry actor. All in hopes of getting a glimpse at those oh so impressive abs. The Desperate Housewives of America BEG YOU TO TAKE IT OFF, BABY!!!!!!

And Danielle we want a break from twisted perversions. Who is next Pee Wee Herman or Weird Al Yankovic?


~*Jayme In the Sky With Diamonds*~ said...

OMFG how did I not see this? This is my man!! I love Galen!!