Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Question From The Heart

I normally don't come on here and shoot from the heart. I have learned putting my emotions on the internet is kinda like watching an Oakland Raiders game. It's bad but sometimes you can't just turn away. There has been a question on my mind for a little over a week now. This was all came from a conversation with a friend over a girl he was dating. I was raised up that a man is supposed to treat a woman with respect, Not lay a hand on them, not be little them every chance they get. That, you are supposed to be your woman's best friend and vice versa. i would like someone from The Buzz Kill Nation to please answer this question. Why do woman keep going back and staying with jerks?

Let me go ahead and shoot some of the responses from my friends.

The woman wants someone who will fight for her. Really, so being a complete ass to her means that he is gonna fight for her honor? Then it justifies it's self when he just goes back and does the viscous circle all over again. Yes,I understand that jealously can rear it's ugly head. I think most men, just fly off the handle. Plain and simple. If a guy compliments your girlfriend or wife, and you threaten to kick his ass, you have some damn issues. In all honesty, not only is she getting compliments but your getting the compliment too.

They want someone who will protect her. A nice guy can't do that? That thought is completely asinine. I don't see how being with a guy who treats you like crap is gonna protect you. Wait a sec, is it worth all the abuse, mentally and sometimes physically for that one split second a storm comes. Jack asses have the same fears just like a nice guy does.

They want a real man!!! Hold the phone, slap me on the ass and call me Bubba Gump. Is the definition of a real man, a guy who will hurt you and make you feel low, wanna fuck, and bullies you into doing what they want you to do and threatened every sort of thing in the Big Book of Stuff Guys Shouldn't Do. I guess nice guys, who worship the grown their girlfriends and wives walk on, aren't good enough. Nice guys like to fuck and most of the time, there is this thing called emotion involved. That is a new term the kids have started using.

I am definitely not saying that these situations can't go the other way either. There are some jack ass woman out there too. I guess it baffles me that if you are nice, you can show everything they want but never be what they want.

I am a nice guy. Well, at least that is what the man in the mirror would say. I have seen friends with some the biggest jerk offs this side of the Mississippi and all I can think is why. I have been put in friend zone 99% of my life cause I am a friend first. So when a woman or man is saying they are looking for their best friend are they actually giving us the whole truth?

One day soon maybe someone with a big heart, can get what they want. Maybe, I am crazy for putting this up but I needed to vent somewhere.

I would love any feedback on this question.


Donnie Russell said...

I to am stumped at why women dont want a man to love them instead they want a man to be asses to them. My thoughts are good guys never win in loveand women are crazy!

michelle h. said...

It also the same with women! I am a wonderful loving woman and I get put in the friends zone all the time! If I do date they are wonderful at first and then become complete assholes later...why? But then when I like a really nice guy and I don't think im unattractive, but they never give me a chance..why? I am a woman and I have morals, standards and would like to be treated like a lady! I also dont get the men that all they want to do is "go to bed" with a woman! They never want to get to know the woman..again why? I guess until I truely find that one person that completes me, then I will stay single!

~*Jayme In the Sky With Diamonds*~ said...

Stop dating winey needy bitches...just sayin..