Monday, May 02, 2011

Retro Music Video

It has been a while. I wish I could say I was recovering from a kick ass 4:20. If that was the case the world would never see another box of devil squares. However, that is not the case.The past two weeks have filled with heavy rainfall and horrible flooding. I have seen people lose their homes and businesses only 12 minutes from where I live. My heart has been breaking lately worrying about some of my best friends. This is a very horrible situation.Please keep areas effected by the flooding from Black River, Spring River and the Mississippi River. We are here to help in anyway possible. If you need help cleaning up or anything like that send us a message at As people start to rebuild lives, and homes. I am thinking we need to pull out a little motivation music. What do you think? How about a song from some rock gods? I am thinking a little Metallica to get the blood pumping. On a related note, have you heard the Avril Lavigne version of Fuel. It is so bad that the only other cover that it is comparable to it is Celine Dion singing Shook Me All Night Long. If Avril just sat around and never opened her mouth, ( Unless being Used in other ways than singing) She would be a 100 times hotter. I digress, here is a little Fuel by Metallica.