Friday, May 13, 2011

Retro Music Video

I have always been told that we can't help who we fall in love with. Whether, it be your high school sweet heart or the girl next, everything in this life happens for a reason. The question always comes up, is it your heart or mind talking. Last night started like any other night. I was watching the season finale of Community. One of my all time favorite shows. I was talking to someone very special in my heart during this time. We were playing the forbidden question game. Kinda scary when you think about. I had just sit down to the new episode of The Office when I got the message that kinda changed my night. She knows how I feel about her. Honestly it's a little more complicated than just saying feelings but I digress. I wanted to show her how I felt last night. Apparently, when feelings for someone fills your heart, you are willing to do anything to show them what you feel for them. She lives about 20 miles away and due to some very horrible flooding, we haven't got to see each other. I was just wanting to see her and prove my love for her. I did what any normal sensible man would do. I decided I was gonna walk to see her. I decided to let my phone charge up fully cause it doubles as my mp3 player. I checked how long it would take to get there. The map said 6 hours. I am gonna do it. There is no stopping a heart and man that is in complete love or completely crazy. I head out my door at 9:45 and take off for her city. I told a couple of my friends and her that I was going to do it. My health is not the greatest and doing something like this could end up putting me in the hospital. However, I wasn't being driven by any force other than my heart and a little Shinedown. Couldn't do a 6 hour walk without a little music could I? I am bound and determined to make it.My heart is saying I am gonna make it. I just make it to the outskirts of town, when off in the distance I see lightning. My mind starts to question my task of the heart. The only thing I can honestly think about is that I must be crazy but if it is raining it will make it more romantic. I am almost to the first curve in the highway when the wind starts to pick up. I can feel the cold rain start to hit my back. I am being texted and getting asked where I am at. I have to do this. I want the woman of my dreams to know exactly how I feel. The rain is coming down in sheets. The wind is whipping it around the area. The rain is pouring off the brim of my hat. I am officially soaked from head to toe. The wind keeps getting stronger and stronger. If I don't survive this I am gonna end up somewhere in OZ. This is absolutely the craziest thing I have ever done The storm is getting worse as I am walking down the highway. The wind has whipped my ear bids out of my ear three times. I see this not ending well. I am over half way there. The texts are coming in faster and faster asking me if I was ok and they were worried about me. Well, how does the story end? I think that is up to your imagination. The question is do you believe me or not either way, A few select few of us know what really happened. Walking that far, made me think, I have the perfect retro music video. we head back to the early 90s for the one hot wonder by The Proclaimers. 500 Miles