Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Very Special PSA

We here at The Buzz Kill Blog like to warn you of you some of things that shouldn't be done in life. It is kinda our special gift to you. We keep an eye on the news in all areas. Whether, it is entertainment, local, national, politics, sports, weird news or who Charlie Sheen is fucking today, we are on top of it. Well here is a very Public Service Announcement!

Sexting!!!!! Not where you thought this one was going was going was it? Ladies, this is kinda for you. If you ask us men to send you a dirty a pic, please take this into consideration. We only have one spot that we can take a picture of. I mean seriously, if it isn't a pic of a dick then what in the hell would it be. I mean if we are fat, we have boobs, but as far as I know many women do not get all hot in the nether regions from a fat hairy nipple. So we send you a pic of Mr. Bilbo, in return we better get one of three spots and not covered up. We show everything we can to you, at least throw us something that could cause a bone. I mean just sending a picture of you in your boobie baskets, is hott but not penis pic worthy. It should be dirty pic for dirty pic, unless you are weird and don't like nudity. All fingers point to me.

Cue the More You Know graphic

Now be on your merry WaY!!!!!