Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Retro Music Video

I am a huge fan of music from the 90s. There in my opinion never be a better period of music. There were your crappy music bands. ( Boy Band and Bubble Gum Pop. I am looking at you Mandy Moore but I am kinda missing you like candy. and that kids is what we call a really bad pun.) There was one band in particular that made me always happy when I heard them. I am a huge mark for the Barenaked Ladies. If you don't know what mark means, it means I liked them so much I had a lunchbox complete with a thermos that i carried around a bologna sandwich complete with ketchup. I always get weird looks for that.  Damn it. I am hungry. Why, did I have to talk about food? Where was I? Oh yes. Something about a song by Barenaked Ladies that made me want to just give everyone a hug. Today, we travel back to 1999 and the BNL hit, It's All Been Done.

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