Monday, July 04, 2011

Hall Of Hotties

We have to end this holiday with a bang!!!! We have had a story about a drunken man, a retro video complete with parade, and a hunk that a superhero with multi personality disorder. That leaves one thing left for this holiday!!! We need to see a hottie. However, I certainly feel like on hottie is gonna be enough. What is better than 1 woman? 2 women. Wanna know what is better than 2 women? 35 women. This is the America's Birthday so we need to induct America's Sweethearts. The next induction into the Hall of Hotties is:
The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Every Sunday ( when the players and owners aren't bitching about who has the bigger money bin Scrooge McDuck style) we Americans tune into the NFL to watch our favorite teams.  The Dallas Cowboys have always been know as America's Team, so it is a simple conclusion that the most famous cheerleader in the country be known as America's Sweethearts! I remember being young and just getting the internet. We use the net for one thing and one thing only, beside Facebook, Porn! I remember sitting down and watching the all time classic movie, Debbie Does Dallas!!!! That was the day that my love for cheerleaders began. Have you ever seen the Show on CMT called, Making The Team; Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. That show makes me hot blooded with a fever of 103. They are the only reason to watch the games. I bet one of these girls has a better than Tony Romo. So we welcome the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader into the Hall of Hotties!!! If any of the girls on the team read this, I would love to do a herkie with you ladies if you know what I mean and I think you do ;)