Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not So Retro Music Video

I want to start off this blog, with I am sorry to my readers, all 13 of you. My heart just hasn’t been into it lately. I have neglected on e of the things I love the most. Writing. Normally when I feel bad I can just take it to pen and paper or since we are a little more modern a laptop and have it all wrote down for someone to see. I wish, I could say I had no clue as to why I haven't but I do know. I know to some people that this blog, my comedy, my writings, is just stupid and I don't care about anything. Well that is furthest from the truth. Have you ever thought that maybe I do this to get away from the pains of everyday life for me. It hasn't been easy trying to go through day to day activities with the worries of when this headache is going to get worse and I black out. Over one year for this and still a fucking doctor can't tell me why I pass out. It's a wonderful situation. I know things haven't been easy and I don't expect it all to become amazing over night unless I won powerball. Remember kids, no matter what your parents tell you, money makes the world go around. Trust me. I have seen it first hand for two years. I may not have anything, but I do have this little corner of the net. I do have a place that I can sit down and write what is going on in my life or put up a picture of a scantily clad woman. Sex Sells Damn It!!!! I like to look at this place as my online oasis complete with drinks with umbrellas in them. I know someday soon, I know things will turn around but for all the people, who think I am a failure, a waste of time, worthless, and can't give you what you need, I have a message for you. Thanks for making the last two years the worst ever. (I just did a thumbs up after writing that so that is your mental image) I know things are going to get better and just not for me for everyone feeling like this. Do you not want to be there for that when it happens? Today, let us have a Not So Retro Video. This is dedicated to all the people that are going through a rough time and need a pick me up. Here is OK GO with This Too Shall Pass. On a side note, this video kicks all kinds of ass.