Monday, July 04, 2011

Retro Music Video (4th Of July Edition)

Happy 4th of July, boys, girls, and Twilight fans. ( We don't discriminate here at The Buzz Kill Blog) I hope you enjoy the grilled food or maybe a hot dog if you are in some eating contest on coney island. I watch this thing every year just see skinny people polish down the wieners. This 4th is gonna be just a little bit more special than normal. They have added a women's division!!! The jokes will just write themselves people. Watching women slide long hot dogs down their throats for 10 full minutes, might make me the happiest man a live. I hope you enjoy the fireworks show doesn't matter if they are outside or in the bedroom. I know you just snickered under your breath and if I was near you I channel all the strength I have and whoop you. Granted, I have the strength of a 12 year old girl but damn it I would try.

Well, today is gonna be a fun day here at The Buzz Kill Blog HQ. We have some holiday themed blogs for all you peeps. Let us start with a video from yesteryear. We take you back to the year 1993. Does any one actually have a parade on 4th. If you do please invite me next year. I will be the guy wearing the Uncle Sam hat holding a sparkler. I would hold something a little bit stronger but I would prolly blow off a limb. I need that finger to count, I did go to school in Missouri. To celebrate today, here is a little Martina McBride with Independence Day.