Monday, July 11, 2011

Retro Music Video (July 11th 2011)

First of all if anyone who works for the following companies: Pepsi, Yum Brands, The WWE, Miramax, Dupont, Trojan condoms, Boulevard Beer, or Hooters, If you are willing to sponsor this here corner of the internet we are willing to do anything you want us to. Please and Thank you.

Now on to the Retro Music Video! I was sitting here thinking today. Never a safe thing ever. Usually it leads to someone getting hurt. 99% of the time I am the one that gets hurt. A nice foam toy to the testicles. I was trying to think of the perfect song that you could enter a talent show with and twirl a baton that the ends are on fire while dressed like a cowgirl. And that song comes from the greatest decade for music. The 1980s!!!! I will give you a fair warning, just remember after you watch this video the song will be stuck in your head for weeks, months and if you are the lucky one, years!!! The song would be perfect for all those nerdy marching band kids to do a flag show to. ( No Offense to band kids. We love you and instruments. Unless you played clarinet. Then you are a nerd) Today's Retro Video is from1985. Here is Starship with We Built This City

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