Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Balls To The Wall

I have found myself never being a very opinionated person. I really don't like to tell people my opinions cause I normally don't feel that they ever matter. I have kinda stayed quiet most of my life except when telling jokes on stage. Whether that is a good thing or not, that I left to be decided. Well, I am kinda sick of having shit shoved down my throat and not speaking up. That is why titled this Balls to the Wall, not only have they dropped, I am throwing them to see what the fuck sticks. This won't be nothing like a big bowl of random. I have just found myself in a darker place lately and I am kinda enjoying what it has done for the writing and stand up aspect of my life. If you don't like what I say, Perez Hilton has a blog. Read it instead of mine.

First of all, I am going straight for the entertainment world. What is more American than sitting down on a Sunday afternoon with the family eating dinner after you go to church and watching a movie? Not just any type of movie. A western. What name comes to mind? John Wayne. How can anyone watch this man in a movie? Have I been called Unamerican for saying this. Yes I have. I want someone to sit down with me and tell me the differences between the types of characters he plays. Let me answer that for you, You can't.  Yes, they have different names and some of his movies, (Gasp) Have a somewhat different plot, however can someone please tell me how someone that freaking monotone is an American legend. I just don't see the appeal of the same movie over and over and over. Flat out, he sucks.

Let us move into the Wide World of Sports. Dale Earnhardt Sr. was one of the best NASCAR drivers of our time. I have no argument there. His death is a black eye on auto racing in general. It should have never happened. However, JR. The only reason you are NASCAR's most popular driver is cause you have your Dad's name. That is it. You are the most overrated driver in NASCAR. I feel a bigger threat from Michael Waltrip. You are living off your Dad's legacy. I hate to say it, had he not died, you would probably driving the 88f car at a dirt track in Wisconsin right now. When, he can say win a Championship, hell at this point win a fucking race, call me then and see if this opinion changes. My guess is that it won't.

I think the next stop on this road is religion. I am a christian but sometimes I feel like hanging my head in shame with some of the things that people say. Here is a couple of examples. I think one of the 10 commandments is something like Thou Shalt not Lie. If that is the case, then why would a man of faith tell you to not tell people you are sick. Yes, folks, a man that has studied the word of god told me to lie. How can you take that person seriously when they tell you need to live a Christ like life. I can't but if you can, then what does that say about you. Don't you love when people tell you what you are doing wrong in your life, but is great about doing it themselves. The term is God Damn, I think many of us say this when we are mad. I am used to it. I tell jokes. It is funny to see people who say they have shit in order, curse so much that they make me look like a PG movie. Kinda sad actually.

My health. The over a year battle dealing with blood. blacking out, bitches, and bruises. It makes me feel great when people look at me and think there is nothing wrong. Here is something. I will give you this fucking headache if you want it. I would gladly trade a testicle if it means I wont blackout anymore. Do I care if I am sick? Fuck yes, I do. I do want it to go away. Eventually I know i will find out what is causing it and they will fix it. Until then, I am doing the best I can with what I have been dealt with. Stress is wonderful thing. Please be able to hint sarcasm on that last sentence.

I am sick of letting people walk on me for the sake of me being a nice guy. I have a big heart and will do anything for anyone. It's who I am and How I was raised. I am proud of that. I have finally learned that some people just need to be flat out told no. It sucks hurting people but sometimes its a necessity. 

We have to end this on a truly happy note. I have been working on my second book. It is based on my love life or lack there of. That is up to you. It is going to be titled Wrestling With A Boner. I wrote something that I don't believe in Love at First Sight. I think you can have Lust At First Sight but never love. As I say this I think I might have stuck my foot in my mouth when writing that piece. I think I have to change my mind at LAFS. I have put my heart out there for someone twice. One ended up with the We are just better friends. Where is that friendship now, Not there. The second time, I walked 20 miles to only be told that I will come second place. Sadly, that line haunts the fuck out of me when stepping in the dating world again. I am ready again and I know who I want to be for. Why I am saying this here, Hell if I know. Maybe the title says it all. I get excited when they text me. I light up. When they comment on Facebook or write on my wall, I can't stop smiling. Talking with this person makes my probs go away. This honestly scares me. Not in a bad way. I just don't act like this all the time. As a reader, what does this say to you?

That about raps it up. If you honestly have a problem with any of what I said. Message me or comment. I am not looking for a flame war but a debate is always fun.

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