Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not so Retro Video ( Birthday Edition)

Nerd weekend will continue later this week. I apologize, A lot of stuff happened with my mom and that came first. I will make it up to you guys and gals.

Today is August 17, and that can only mean one thing. It is my birthday. YAY! Only 3 more years till I get to 30. If 40 is new 30 and 30 is the new 20, does that mean anyone I date in their 20s, will make me a pedophile? Seriously, if today has been any indication of how the next year is going to go I ask nicely, can I go back to being 23. In the past year, I have watched my mom's health get worse and forget who I am. She doesn't remember me at all. I wish I had some of those powers when it comes to ex girlfriends, I fell in love with a married woman, and walked 20 miles in a thunderstorm. That so should be one of the unwritten rules of dating. I have moved twice. I learned that I have no pool game, or flirting game, I realized that my passion is writing stupid shit and I love making people laugh. I learned that every time I cum an angel get it's wings. I have made 4000 angels very happy in the past year. My family is crazy, but I love them sometimes. My health is still crap, someday I am going to black out around a woman and they are going to take advantage of me. So what do I want for the next 365 days. Some damn Normalcy. Whatever in the blue hell that is!!!!But for now we going to party Tonight Tonight.

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