Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Retro Music Video (August 10)

Hey Hey Hey, Let us get some things out of the way first. This Friday to Sunday it's officially Nerd Weekend here at The Buzz Kill Blog. A nerdy Hottie and Hunk, Retro Videos, Funny Ass Video and much much more. It is going to be the a fun weekend for all of you dweebs, poindexters, losers, and nerds. Stay tuned everyone.

So yesterday, I went with a friend on a trip. We stopped for breakfast at a McDonald's. Now, I have no problems with eating McDonald's. I ordered my usual. The two breakfast burritos. I love those things. I seriously think they might be laced with a little bit of an addicting drug. I could eat those things almost everyday for breakfast. However, on this day my burritos didn't taste right. Actually not well at all. It was almost was as bland tasting as kaopectate. Those little bastards made have a lot of sitting down time yesterday. This has lead me to make a new rule that my friend came up with. Never eat at a McDonald's that is attached to a Wal-Mart or a damn gas station. Well, while I was eating my liquid diarrhea in a tortilla shell, a song started playing over the speaker. I never thought I would ever put this song as a retro video but anyhoo. I never did care for Macy Gray. I don't like listening to a woman that I can do an impression of singing. From the year 2000 here is the the Macy Gray hit, I Try and just like those breakfast burritos I waked away and stumbled.

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