Thursday, August 25, 2011

Retro Music Video (August 25th)

This has been a very hectic 7 days. Let me tell you. I have went from being happy, to bitter, to being happy, to sexy, to lethargic, to poopy, back to happy, to sad, to watching a rerun of the Jersey Shore, to now. That is a long week. I would totally trade the president right now. This has been a really happy and stressful week at the same time. I know you are asking how can it be both. Well, I might have a story to tell on that in the near future. But for now, I will leave you with this, Asking for health records + Sick mother + Dancing + The Office + Birthday + My sexiness = ABC Family Reality Show.

I have been looking for the perfect retro video to best describe the mood I have been in. Last Wednesday night as I lay my little head down for some beauty sleep. Which I know I need plenty of sleep to look as sexy as I do.The movie that came on best described my childhood. It took me back to much simpler time, to where I wasn't blacking out and wait on the government to do shit. That movie, Spice World. Who didn't love the Spice Girls? Hell, I owned both their cds as a kid. I try not to admit that to much but oh well. I remember dancing around my living room to Saturday Night, pretending i was Sporty Spice. I will say this, I think Baby spice is my reasoning for having a school girl fetish. Damn You, Spice Girls. Friday Night I got out for my BDay. To get my drink on and flirt with a pretty girl who is taller than me. I think she can kick my ass. Well, I brought up the fact that I liked the Spice Girls. At this moment I still have my man card. I did until, I started singing today's Retro Video. That song would be 2 Become 1!!! On a side note. I did regain my man card later that evening. It did take my friend looking at me like she was going to eat my soul and possibly my kids souls. On the outside i was calm. On the inside I was running around in a circle screaming like a little girl. I can't wait for my princess to rescue me.

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