Friday, August 26, 2011

Retro Music Video (August 26th)

Big announcement time here at The Buzz Kill Blog. I have been working on putting together a live show based on the stupidity of the stuff the writers on here pen and also retro music and a live band. Well coming soon we have have some venues booked and dates to share. Stay tuned this is going to be a bumpy but kick ass ride.

Took care of that let's take a trip back into 1996. I was sitting around talking to some people last night when somehow someone brought up a very classic song. I am a pop culture whore. I almost have to be to write jokes and this blog. When in doubt, ask me. They started singing No Diggity. First, of all Great song but what in the blue hell triggers that little sensor in your mind to remember that song. I have a couple of thoughts. It could be a song that someone lost their virginity to. They had a Boys to Men feel, if Boys to Men, were put through Steve Urkel's changing machine. The other option, is maybe your arms and legs were broken and the music video came on VH1 Classic. God knows, it isn't coming on VH1 or MTV. Today, I present to you, Blackstreet with No Diggity.

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