Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Retro Music Video (August 3rd)

My moobs are sweating so bad I didn't even know they would sweat this much. My back is sweating. My balls are sweating. My sweat is sweating. To put it mildly it is fucking hot. I have never seen it like this. There are news stations that are baking cookies in cars. That should be a little scary to be anyone who owns a car with leather seats. I have been thinking what would be a great Retro Video to give the sound of how hot it is. I was thinking originally some Bananarama. It hit me that I don't think Cruel Summer is going to do it. What song did I finally choose? Who else can describe how the summer is going than a One Hit Wonder Nerd! All I can think of is a guy with big hair looking as damn goofy as possible. Does anyone remember Buster Poindexter. Neither do I but you will when you here The 1980's hit Hot Hot Hot.

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