Friday, August 05, 2011

Retro Music Video (August 5th)

I need to get my horrible movie soundtrack on today. I just recently saw the preview for the remake or I guess reboot of Footloose. Seriously how many of the "classics" ( I use that term loosely cause it has Kevin Bacon.) is Hollywood gonna keep making. Here is what I hope for, I want a remake for the following movies; The Computer That Wore Tennis Shoes. The main character has to be played by this generations Kirk Cameron and simply put that would be Drake Bell. Why did I choose him you ask? I have no idea but he is closest we will get to a modern day Cameron. I want any of the Pauly Shore movies remade. Please Hollywood, remake those waste of video store shelves. I want most importantly, Jury Duty. And the main should be played by Ben Stiller. Why him, his movies suck now. As I was listening to the soundtrack of Footloose in memorial of a bad movie ruined. Then my iTunes decided to shock me with a movie song that I completely forgot about. Thank God, and My prayers were answered. Anyone else happy that Will Smith doesn't make music anymore. I can't listen to Miami now without wanting to punch Snooki in the face. So today's Retro Music Video comes from a movie released in 1999 with a really big spider and a train. Here is the most gangsta rapper ever, Will Smith. We here at The Buzz Kill Blog want to take you into The Wild Wild West.

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~*Jayme In the Sky With Diamonds*~ said...

You realize Ben Stiller is probably older than Pauly Shore right? You can't remake anything less than 25 years old, its against movie rules. Well it should be if it isn't. I love Pauly Shore!

Richard Isaak said...

But both are equally just as shitty.