Sunday, August 07, 2011

Retro Music Video (August 7)

Twas the summer of 1999 and all through the town of eldo the picnic was going fine. Two days down and one to go. So what was left, the lip sync contest. I decided since I found love in acting that I would enter this wonderful contest. Now, I needed the perfect song that I knew that I could win this shindig. I picked on of the hottest Country music songs at the time. I decided that if I couldn't have Shania Twain, (She was my biggest crush. She was smoking hot. Each time one of her videos would come on the television, I would freeze and start to drool like an idiot taking the best nap ever.) I would be her. I have to say, I made the ugliest Shania Twain in the history of female impersonators. I didn't look like her at all. In all honesty, I looked like a Jewish Cher. For the sake of knowing you guys are going to need a good laugh, here is a photo before I went to the park that day.

That pic and this post is officially going to haunt me the rest of my life. Good bye to getting laid anytime soon, unless you are into crossdressers then I have a chance. That is a 14 year old me. Very Young and very not sexy at all. Just gotta tell myself anything for a laugh.I get there looking like that. I wouldn't even have dated myself. Ewww. I lip synced to Man, I Feel Like A Woman. I didn't even place in the top three. I was such a disappointment to myself. I let down trannys everywhere. That song haunts me to this very day. So why not make it haunt me a little bit more in life. Today's Retro Music Video, is from 1999 and here is hopefully one day a future ex-wife in Shania Twain with Man, I Feel Like A Woman. On a side note, this might be the hottest music video of all time. This music video is Instant boner Material!!!!

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