Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Retro Music Video (August 9)

I am thinking of taking up more ways of making a little extra cash. I could take up the family business which would mean me sucking some dick behind a truck stop. I do have the talent to suck a pickle through a curly straw.That takes some damn true talent. I also thought about selling some drugs on the side of the street but I don't think anyone will buy Nyquil for 20 dollars an ounce. It is worth a shot though. Then one day out of the blue it hit me like a sock full of half melted butter. I need to become a stripper. I might have a face for radio but love chunks prove I have a body for Chippendales. I mean this is the body of a Greek God. Why have hamburger when you can have this 220 pound Pork Chop. I was thinking what my stripper song should be. First one that came to mind was the theme to the great TV show Happy Days. Here is your mental image for the day. My pants come off to the part of the song that says The Cycle hums. Ok, I know that won't get anyone going but myself and maybe my junior prom date. (Love You Granny.) My next choice is today's Retro Music Video. We take a trip back to 1987. Here is Def Leppard with Pour Some Sugar On Me. And Speaking of one arms, I would also like to dedicate this song to One MR. RD Reynolds over at http://wrestlecrap.com/ This is favorite song ever. (Please hint the sarcasm.) Click the link and you will have a good laugh. It makes fun of the very worst of pro wrestling.

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