Friday, August 12, 2011

Retro Music Video (Nerd Edition)

In the human species, we have many variations of people. There are the jocks. These are the people who get hard ons from seeing a bunch of grown men running up and down the field kicking a ball for hours on end. There are the preps. These are the type to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch and make you feel like you are 10 inches tall cause mommy and daddy won't buy you a car. There are emo people.These are the people who just sit around and talk about how their life sucks and cut themselves so that they can feel a different type of pain. They do this while wearing a pair of skinny jeans. That takes some damn willingness to do trust me. I have tried. Have you ever seen a fat kid in a pair of skinny jeans. Not pretty. Then, finally there is one type that will raise above all the rest. The one that will do something very interesting with their life. We like to call them, NERDS. This weekend is going to be all thing Nerdom. Now, each one of those groups can have a nerd in them. Which is why we are the dominate Species. There isn't a better way to get this weekend started than a Retro Music Video from the 80s. Have you ever been sitting around with your surround sound and noticed that little logo that says, Dolby Digital? ( Please take the Dora the Explorer pause to answer. I will wait.) You have. I am glad cause if you haven't, I would be very disappointed in you as entertainment fans. We take a trip in our way back machine to the year 1982. The singer is Thomas Dolby, could we have picked a bigger nerd to kick this off with. I think not. Here is the song, She Blinded Me With Science.

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