Sunday, August 07, 2011

Say one thing but......

One thing that makes us different from everyone else, is that we do some really really dumb stuff. I also think we need to have more opinion and informative pieces on here. Call me cynical but I felt like this is going to be a good thing to do. Are we gonna stop the other things we do here? Ummm No. That is what made us who we are. That is one of the reasons why I am proud of this blog but felt we needed more.

Does it ever get on your nerves when someone says not to do something when they themselves do it behind closed doors? I have met some awesome people out there. Great people. I loved to be around. However, those same people also pissed me off like no one else in the entire world. I was reminded this morning of the town I came from. The people who have so many faces that they would make Harvey Dent jealous. We as humans are more worried about being accepted than being who we are.

Remember as a kid the things that some adults taught us. "Richard, don't use any profanity. Those are bad words." Two seconds later they see a bad play in a game and low and behold it's a four letter word that gets bleeped on every network except HBO. Here is another one, "Richard never take a drink of liquor, it can kill brain cells." When they themselves have more booze in their fridge than I drank in one year.

It just sad to watch people be hypocrites. I hate to use this as an example. I am a believer in god. I am a believer in Christianity and I am proud. Do I do every thing the way I should? No, Do I claim to? No! There are people out there and I am guessing this can go for all religions out there. The people who claim to be perfect but behind closed doors they are just like the rest of us. Let me a recommendation movie wise. The Movie, Saved. It paints a picture of what a hypocrite really is.

That is one of my main reasons from turning away from church in my old home town. It was cause the people were two faced. They were completely different in church as they were in public. Maybe instead of worrying about what other people think about us. It's time to sit back worry about what we think of ourselves instead of what others think.