Monday, October 03, 2011

Retro Music Video (October 3rd)

What the hell?!!? Is this finally a new blog? I took some needed time away from writing, plus I was working on a new Stand-Up Show and my second book. Shows and Dates coming very very soon. That right there makes me happy in the pants region. I have been in seclusion. The second book emotionally drained me and maybe drained some other things.

I felt like the best way to return is with the most fun thing ever. A good ole Retro Music Video. This morning, I decided that I needed to find something to watch. You can only watch the Cowboys blow their 24 point lead yesterday so many times on ESPN. I am not gonna lie about it. It made me giggle. I guess they are America's Team. America's Most Overrated Team. I turned on VH1. Normally, all they have been showing is this stupid basketball wives show. Yawn! If I wanted to watch a stupid show about basketball wives, don't you think I would be watching Keeping Up with the Kardasians?What happened to the good ole days? I am really starting to miss Rock of Love. I could at least laugh at those skanks as they tried to prove to Bret Michaels that their roses only had a few thorns or in some of those girls cases STDs.

What comes on at good ole10 o'clock central? The show Tough Love. I freaking love this guy. He tells these woman why they can not find a date. He is like that millionaire matchmaker chick but funny. The season premiere was replayed this morning. My excitement grows. However, as I am laughing at him calling a woman the Spanish Elvira. The as comes on for all new episodes of POP UP VIDEO!!! Holy shit on a duck, Batman. I loved that show. Which got me thinking!!! What was a video I remember seeing on the original run of that show. Well, simple as that. Today we travel back to the year 1997. I have to say if I was cold and shamed lying naked on the floor, I would be a little sad too. Here is the hit by Natalie Imbruglia, Torn.