Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Moment Time Stood Still

We are told that we should talk about the things that we are thankful for on this holiday. Well. for me it is kind of simple. I am thankful for Pepsi! Without you the fuel to the fire would not be lit. You give me the strength to get up off the couch and get another. I am thankful for stupid pop songs that get stuck in my head. I wouldn't be able to make a terrible song my ringtone so I can get weird looks in a Wal Mart. I am thankful for my peeps. I need the people in my life that will treat me like poo and and push me to my best. You are guys are kinda like my family without, the drama and the incest. I am thankful for two nights ago. That was the night that time stood still for me.

I am not one to make for a sappy story and usually it doesn't happen for me at all. I couldn't believe what happened that night. It started like any other night. I was chilling at the solitude of nerdom when I got the call. I get the question of what I was doing? I was eating a Twinkie wiener sandwich made famous by the movie UHF. She called and asked if she could get her nerd on. I was impressed someone actually wanted to hang with me. That usually doesn't happen unless I drop the money on a high priced hooker. We go and get her and bring her back to the solitude. We are talking on what movie to watch while we wait. We had a ton of choices. The movie chosen was a cinematic masterpiece. Should have won an Oscar. It was a Girls Gone Wild video. Well, she needed to get her nicotine fix on. We head out to the balcony. I watch her smoke and as we are in the coll night air looking over the beautiful city. Our lips met in a moment that I can't help but think that time had stopped. If it was the Princess Diaries my leg would have popped. It was a moment that I would never forget. She left me speechless which is hard to do since I never fucking shut up. The happiest I have been in a long long time. She kinda takes my breath away but I hope its not in a drowning sort of way. I am thankful for the this moment. I will never forget it. 


Anonymous said...

I believe you took my Breath away as well..
once again, I am here in your nerdy solitude! But it's amazing only because I'm here with you now. I cannot wait for more nights like this. :)