Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Word Problems

You thought that you were on Christmas break didn't you? You should have realized that it was to good to be true. Take your brain out of the box. Stop thinking about opening presents, eating a ton of ham, and get ready to put that brain to good use. I have a math test for you. They are the worst type of problems possible. Word Problems. Answer these all right and there might be something special for you in the long run. Actually, you will get nothing but the pride of actually completing a math problem. These are all Christmas themed. So away we go on the 13 Days Of Christmas.

If Delilah can make a fruitcake in 3 hours. Stephanie can make a fruitcake in 2 and a half hours. If they combine their skills and try and make a fruitcake together. How long does USA have to keep showing the movie ELF, before you want to kick Will Ferrel in the junk?

Doug and Steve has a competition each year on whose house is always decorated better for Christmas. Doug has 1,000,000 lights on his home. Steve has 750,000 lights. They keep their houses lit up for a month straight. Is Al Gore sitting in a corner crying due to the waste of energy?

Bill and Heather are lovers of peppermint. Each year they get excited because they can buy their favorite treat. Bill goes to the store and buys 36 boxes of Candy Canes. Heather goes to the store and buys 29 boxes of the cane in candy form. If they both each eat 4 candy canes an hour. How long will it be before Christmas will be named to Tebowmas. God, I love that guy!!!!

John And Kevin has three days to figure out where they are going to buy an ugly sweater vest. John goes into JC Penny's and finds a sweater for 35 dollars. Kevin finds one at TJ MAXX for 22.99. If John goes to TJ MAXX instead. How many freaking Justin Bieber Christmas Specials will be this year?

Diane is baking Christmas Sugar Cookies for her work office. She make 15 snowmen, 15 Santa cookies, and 15 cookies shaped like a sleigh. How many times do you hear Jingle Bells and think suicide might be option?

Phyllis and Cara are going to a party. They each need to arrive at 7 PM sharp. Phyllis lives over 4 miles away. Cara lives 12 miles away. If they are going to ride together, How Much Egg nog will it take before this bit becomes funny?

Santa is traveling to a small town in The United States 10 years ago. There aren’t many kids that live in this town. 29 kids are on the nice list. 13 kids have been placed on the naughty list. How many of these kids grew up to be touched by a College Coach?

If you are really good at math send us your answers at if they are good you might win a prize.