Saturday, December 17, 2011

Funny Ass Video (Christmas Edition #2)

I have a problem every year at Christmas. I know I can't be the only one that has this problem. Why is it so hard to shop for someone special? I have been thinking about what to get that that special person in my life. I could get her a treadmill. Is that a good idea? Yeah, I am guessing the answer to that is a big....NO. That is all you need to do is without even saying it. Honey, I bought you this treadmill cause I think you need to lose some of your love chunk. One testicle and two black eyes later, you will regret that decision. I could go with some diamonds. Doesn't every kiss begin with Kay? Well, that might give her the wrong idea. She might think you are parking your train in commitment station. When in all honesty, you want that train to keep running away from that situation. I could get her a new vehicle. Fuck that nonsense. Do I look like the goose from Willy Wonka. I can't magically poop out golden chocolate eggs. I got it the perfect gift. 1. Get a box. 2 Cut a Hole in that box. 3 Insert penis. The pefect gift not just for Christmas but all major holidays. The gift that is most indorsed by Arbor Day. I am getting you a Dick In The Box!!!!