Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hall Of Hotties

Welcome to day number two in the 13 days of Christmas here on The Buzz Kill Blog. We The Buzz Kill Headquarters drinking egg nog and wearing tinsel as a damn boa. We are in a drunken stupor at the moment and by god we love it. Other things we love at the moment, Taco Bell, Season one of The Joe Schmoe Show, and a picture of Tim Tebow! It's a party here and will be for the next 12 days. Yesterday, the ladies got a small treat by seeing a sexy Santa. I thought we men needed a damn treat our selves. There is a Christmas tradition that I hope will never die. It is a simple one that has to be as ugly as possible. The next induction into the Hall of Hotties is:
Sexy Chick in Ugly Christmas Sweater!!!
Christmas Sweater parties has kinda starting becoming all the rage. Is that what all the kids are saying now of days. Nothing beats seeing an ugly sweater, accentuating some sweater puppies!!! I don't know why but the uglier the sweater the hotter the chick. Take this photo for instance, that sweater is about as ugly as Sarah Jessica Parker at feeding time. However, on the right chick, it will make you shoot a load all over your carpet. And nothing sucks more than having a crunchy carpet. Just ask my friend about that. If your sweater lights up it just makes you even more sexy. Nothing should turn you on quicker more than Rudolph Nose right on the right tit. So sexy chicks who wear ugly Christmas Sweaters we welcome you into the Hall of Hotties. If you are a beautiful woman reading this and are wearing the most hideous sweater ever, Send us a pic Damn it. We always need something to jack off to.