Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hall of Hunks

Hey there all you stars and studs!!!! It has been a while for little ole me. I haven't forgot about any of you. I have just been really tied up in the home life. My 90 year old husband has finally reached his death bed. I am really sad about him going he was a great guy but at the same time, I am ready to see him go to. I want that money. ;) If any of you remember last year I was playing around with the stock boy from my local grocery store. Well, I had to stop that. He got way to clingy. I was not looking for love from him at all. It was just about the cock. I couldn't take hearing him say he loved me every 10 seconds. However, I found me a new playtoy but I will talk about that at a later date. :) Ladies, aren't you kind of sick of not having anything posted for us. I mean this is just crazy. We need some love on here too. There is not a better time then the 13 Days of Christmas. I mean there are so many ways I could go here. However, I wanted to give you a little love. Here is the first Hall of Hunks in a while. This induction will not disappoint any of you.

Santa is always thought of a chubby jolly ole soul. Well, not any more ladies. We will not take Santa with anything less that muscles all over his body, A Rippling six pack and boxer shorts. I know you have to be thinking the same thing that I am thinking. I want to sit on his lap and have him do dirty things. I want to stripe his candy cane. I would love to be his Mrs. Claus. He could be an all night sex machine. YUMMO!!!! This is the type of guy you want under the tree with a stocking hung with care. I am just going to say it. He is HOTT!!! I think a sexy Santa is now the way to go. I would like to welcome Sexy Santa in the Hall Of Hunks :)