Sunday, December 25, 2011

Not Another Christmas Story: Part 3

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Cody was walking in a hallway that was filled with nothing but doors. Each door had something different inside of it. Well, each door that Cody opened made him wonder what exactly was behind each door. There are some doors that he would like to forget. Did you know that Santa has an S&M room. How wrong is that? That does explain why all the elves are females though. There are rooms that Cody wants to never forget. The chocolate covered elf room comes to mind first. Nothing beats seeing a woman covered in Hershey's Chocolate syrup. Door after Door. Cody keeps opening. His curiosity is getting the best of him. Finally, he comes down to the last door in this hall. Above the door, there is a sign. The sign read the Source. Cody opens the door. In the middle of the room was a glass tube. It was just hovering there. It was something right out of Star Wars. Cody couldn't stop staring at it. He was amazed. In his mind, he was thinking that this was the exact item that kept the entire North Pole powered.

In the control room, we are all kinds of panicked. None of us knew what we were going to do without the head Elf. We needed her to let us know where we were going, without that we are going blindly in each direction. “Do we even have a chance to save Christmas?” asked Amee ., while her eyes were welling up. “ This mission isn't over yet. We are going to have to get in that sleigh and keep traveling. Hopefully, we will find all three of them.” I said to the group. All hope has been sucked out of this room. I have to take control here. This situation turned even more crazy than before. “ We have to pull our heads up. This isn't over. I have faith that we are going to save Christmas again. This is my fault for bringing Alex. I didn't need to put her around Christine. I had no idea all the bickering would turn into an episode of WWE Smackdown. However, it did and we can just sit around and be sad about it. What happens when you are in your worst time. DUCKS STICK TOGETHER!!!” Ben chimes up, “ When I had no life and look at me now, I am a safety inspector. DUCKS STICK TOGETHER” All of a sudden in a shy voice in the background, “When the crow flies and the rooster crows, DUCKS STICK TOGETHER!!!!.” None of us know to this day who said that. All of us together started shouting Ducks Stick Together and then quack. Seriously if you are going to motivate a bunch of people. You steal Gordon Bombay's speech from D2: The Mighty Ducks. Hell yes. I know exactly what I needed to do and that is but the next team together to travel into the next story with me.

“Christine, it is so good to see you again. I wasn't who you were expecting at all were you? You just thought I wasn't real like any other make believe character. I put together last years plan to try and ruin Richard's Christmas. That fat fuck has a boner for this damn holiday. I knew taking away something that he loved would break him. It was a good idea, until you threw a wrench in that plan. I couldn't believe that he actually did it. Well, this year I was walking around thinking about how I could put this plan into action again. I would do it again. This time I knew I had to make myself be heard. That is why I took Santa again. I am not going to harm him but he will be released on Dec. 26. I want him to suffer one terrible Christmas. He will never find us. Then, a small gift was brought down from the heavens above. You showed up magically in my lap. I know with you here, there is no chance in hell, that Captain Fatty Tissue has a chance to do it again.” Christine is sitting there in amazement as she is watching Stick Figure Dan talk to her. She was in shock. “I know you hate him but why go to this extreme. You know he doesn't get that much happiness at the holidays.” She ask Dan. “Do you think I care about his feelings at all. HAHA!!! I have had one night stands that I have had more feelings for. I don't care if he wakes up tomorrow or not. The only care I have is to hurt him.” Dan Replies. Dan is sitting there with a smug look on his face. He knows that he is getting under Christine's skin and he is loving every second of it. “You will not get away with this Dan.” Christine screams at Dan as she starts to head for the door. “Where the hell do you think you are going? Sit your pretty ass right back down. I have something to talk to you about and get that other girl in here too. She might like to hear the whole story herself.”

Jackson was still looking for the Marty Janetty to his Shawn Michaels. Danielle, The Anglo Fro and Jackson have come to the hall way with all the doors in them. “This is a terrible Scooby Doo bit waiting to happen isn't it?” Danielle asks the others. They come up with a game plan to open the doors so that they would go by a little faster. The Red Doors, the Anglo Fro Would open. The Green Doors, Danielle would open and the doors that were hard to open Jackson would use his battering ram skills to open. The Anglo Fro opens her first Green door. Inside she got see a midget eating a mars bar. She just kept looking at it. She was a deer caught in the head lights. Jackson takes off sprinting down the hall to see in there any doors that were different. Danielle opens the first Red Door. Behind it was bed room suit, that was covered in Doritios Nacho Cheese and a guy in his underwear watching Family Guy. Needless to say she froze up quicker than a girl getting walked in on peeing. Jackson finds this big wooden door with a sign hanging above it. The sign reads source. The door looks just like the one that was the entrance to the workshop. Jackson calls his mom and the Anglo fro down to the door. They look at it. “You know what we got to do?” Jackson says. The Anglo Fro yells out, “HUMAN BATTERING RAM!!!” Danielle and the Anglo Fro pick up Jackson. He puts on his helmet. The back up to a respectable 30 yards away. They start to take off. 30 yards. 25 yards. 15 yards. 10 yards. 7 Yards.....

Meanwhile, back in the control room with the troops rallied. It is time to put together the next team and save Christmas. I choose Julie, Amee, and Safety inspector Ben. Why the hell not? We need everyone. The four of us pile in sleigh along with TV's Alan Thicke. We all look at each other again. “Show Me That Smile!!!” I hit the button. POOF, WHITE LIGHT, SUCKED INTO SPACE. We are in the spot of our travel I like to call, The Crazy Feeling stage. It is almost as if you smoked some of Shaggy's Stuff.

Cody heard the Anglo Fro's excitement about the Human Battering Ram. 5 Yards. Cody walks over to the door. He opens it up. All he sees is this blur of two people and football helmet blowing by him. “I never knew the Anglo Fro's hair was aerodynamic?” Cody said giggling. Then the unthinkable happened. They ran Jackson right into the floating tube. His helmet penetrated the glass and it came shattering down to the floor.

We were in mid flight when all of a sudden. Instead of red and green and seeing all the stories, it just turned black. We started spinning out of control. “I think I am getting Sea sick and I am originally from California!” Says Amee. We just keep spinning and spinning. It was like we were in the worlds largest washing machine. We have no clue what is going on. “I want to go home.” Screamed Julie. Ben the person who is supposed to be in charge of safety is screaming like a little kid on a roller coaster. I am scared I am going to die and I am to pretty to die. We are shot out and land on top op of a Christmas float. I think we are ok.

Shauna, Tonya, Amber N, and Jill come running into the control room with everyone. “Is everyone ok?” asks Shauna. Everyone nods there head. “Why Wouldn't we be?” asked Victoria.”We have lost all magical powers.” Says Tonya. 'Where is Richard and the Sleigh?” asked Amber N. Nick pipes up,”They continued the mission.” Jill stand frightened, “This isn't good.” They explain that without their magic they can not control Christmas specials. The North Pole controls who gets specials and what movies and shows are made. Without our input anyone can have a special. They do mean anyone. At that moment. Jackson walks in with the others to follow. “We fucking found Cody!!! Now, Let's save mother fucking Christmas.” I thought I was good at motivational speaking. The elves notice him carrying his helmet still. “Where did you find him?” asked Shauna. Danielle being all excited that one mission was accomplished exclaimed, “In a room that said source.” The elves started putting two and two together. They knew everyone was in danger. “What you did, could end Christmas as we know it. Richard and the others may never get back here. We may never find Christine and most importantly we may never find Santa.” They turned from happy to sad in less than a second. The excitement that was in the control room was gone. There may not be a Christmas ever again.

We landed on top of sleigh. Honestly it was kind of cool. We landed in the same spot as a cardboard sleigh. I mean a perfect hit. We destroyed and replaced it. The only thing missing was having a witch underneath it and going to see a wizard. We looked around to see if we had been seen this place before. No one knew where we were at at all. This was a whole new experience. The float begins to move and not very fast at all. “I have had relationships move faster than this float.” Ben says. Alan is just sitting in the back waiting to see if we ever are going to find Mike Seaver. Julie starts took at the window of the vehicle that the float is on. She taps Amee on the shoulder, “Is that Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in the front seat?” All five of us look puzzled as fuck. I think I kinda familiar with the location of where we are but still not for sure. It looks like we are in the Macy's Parade. We are on the 34th Street. Something isn't right. Then we hear Keanu yell for the drivers side to Sandra Bullock,” If we go more than 2 miles per hour, the entire parade route will be blown to bits and Virginia will not think there is a Santa Claus!” I start laughing hysterically. “This can't be real, They are so hard up for Christmas ideas that they combined Miracle on 34th Street, with Speed.” Ben chimes in, “Speed on 34th Street!!!” At that moment a little voice inside me told me,that it's time to go home. I hit the giant button that is the size of the staples button. And Poof, but this time instead of a whit light it more like a disco ball. “Umm, I didn't know that we were going to be attending a rave. Who brought the ecstasy?” Julie says. I am thinking drugs is the only way this story is going to make sense. We start spinning again. I feel like I am on a holiday tilt a whirl. This is getting old already. And BAM!!!

We landed back in the control room. When we landed all the elves came running up to us to give me a hug. I am not going to lie a guy could get used to this. Hugs from pretty women, especially Jill. They proceed to tell me what happened with the source being broken. That they have no control over where we go or what kind of special it will be when we land. We really need to find Christine and Santa as soon as possible. This is getting crazy. We have to save Christmas.

Dan is on the cell phone waiting for Alex to be brought in the room. “ Are you serious? How in the hell do they break the source? That is fucked up even for them. I swear there are some bumbling dumb asses up there trying to save Santa. The biggest Dumb ass is at the lead. I have to go. I have someone I need to talk to.” Dan hangs up the phone. The Murph and Shaggy enter the room. They said “they found Alex, but she was kind of disposed at the moment. She was in a room naked with 15 people and the Easter Bunny.” Christine's eyes went from having a look of concern to pissed in less than a second. Dan says “Don't worry about it guys. I got the one I need to talk to right in front of me.” The Murph And Shaggy leave. Dan gets out of his chair walks over to his liquor cabinet. He pours a glass of fine wine. He offers Christine a glass but she refuses. “What do you want with me Dan?” Christine asks. “Well here goes, that little girl in the other room could hurt Richard but there is one difference. I just don't want to hurt his feelings. I want to destroy them. There is only person that he would listen to. That could tug at his heart in ways no one else could. That one person is you. Here is my deal, I will give the world their Christmas. I will give you back Santa. But you have to join me in destroying him. You are the key to him being miserable forever.” Christine sits there thinking for a second. “Why would I help you?” Dan laughs under his breath, “There is no magic at the North Pole. His crack of numb nuts crew destroyed it. They did it in a horrible three Stooges bit. Help me and I will restore that whole place to normal by giving you Santa. I will give you some time to think about this by yourself.” Dan gets up, walks out of the office. He leaves Christine to sit and ponder her decision.

The time has come for me to pick my next crack group in the search for Santa and now at this moment Christine and Alex. I know what you are thinking. They are on the island. You know we don't. There wouldn't be a story here people. Geeze. I am looking around the room. I have no clue who to take at all. This decision is going to be hard. I think I am going to take Nick, Jill, and Shauna. Yes, I am taking two super sexy elves. Why? Cause I can damn it!!!! We get in the sleigh and of course joining us will be Mr. Thicke. I am really hoping soon that we find freaking Mike Seaver. I am tired of this guy psycho analyzing me over and over. The other reason I am taking elves is cause they will know more about the powers of the flux capacitor. I hit the button and POOF, Disco Fever. We are off. If this is going to be anything like last time. The unpredictability of where we are going to land is going to be very very interesting. We travel through the black hole spinning. I am just hoping Shauna or Jill grab a hold of me to hang on. It's always worth a hope isn't it. We land. It's in a bedroom in the middle of the valley in LA. A woman walks in with a sexy little Santa helpers outfit. I love this one. Then following her was 24 men in Santa hats and that is all. It was a little creepy. The girls sure as hell dug the men with rippling bodies and hard cocks. “WE ARE ON A PORN SET!!!” I started screaming. The director said, “Quiet on the set, First Scene of HO! HO! HO! 14 Jingle Balls is getting ready to be shot.” Nick just looks at me. I swear to god, he looked like a kid on Christmas morning. “Can I stay? PLEASE! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!” nick asked while bouncing in his seat like a basketball. Who am I to turn down getting rid of one male out of the sleigh. That only means one more till, it is just me and some elves. They start running a train on this girl. At that moment, I thought hitting the button home would be a good idea. However, my hand bumped into the button to jump into the next story. Poof!!!! DISCO IS NOT DEAD!!! Bam!

Jackson and Cody are feeling bad about what happened to the source. The two of them decide to go find an elf who isn't as pissed off at them as the ones in the room. They go into the work shop and find two elves working on toys. They walk over to them scared for their heads to be bitten off. “Hi” says a very scared Jackson. The two elves just keep working and working. Their names was Becky and Dani. They were two of Santa's most dependable elves. “Do you think it would be ok if we try to fix the source?” Cody asked. The two of them looked up. Dani replies, “Go ahead. The reason we are still working on the toys is cause we know Christmas will be saved.” Cody and Jackson thank the two elves. On their way to the source room they grab Super Glue and Duct tape. “You can fix anything with the right amount of duct tape.” Jackson says laughing.

We are in the spin cycle again. I hope someday we finally hit the rinse cycle. We land outside a sound studio. The only option here is that all four of us get and walk in. It is completely pitch black. The applause sign flashes. Then an announcer comes over. “You have seen a Bing Crosby Christmas but that was nothing Compared to this.”. All of a sudden, Metal Trees started lighting up. It looked like an industrial scene threw up in here. “It's time for a Marilyn Manson, Christmas Variety Special with your host MARILYN MANSON!!!!! Also guest Starring, Metallica, Motorhead, Anthrax, Ronnie James Dio, King Diamond, Michael W. Smith, Alice Cooper, Gwar, and special guest Kirk Cameron formerly Mike Seaver on Growing Pains with a reading from the Bible.” Shauna, Jill and I each whipped are hair....and head around to see Alan Thicke's eyes light up more than the Rockefeller Tree. He takes off running toward the stage while Gwar was singing Silent Night. He is running right towards Kirk Cameron. Alan gets maybe 10 feet away from him when out of the blue, Two Security guards tackle Alan Thicke down. “Tell them who I am Mike.” Alan says. Kirk Cameron turns up his nose at his TV dad. “You were part of my evil days. You were part of the antichrist machine known as Hollywood. I do not want anything to do with you.” It was kind of sad to see Alan taken out in hand cuffs crying his eyes out. The three of us just said, hey Alan. “Show Me That Smile Again.” Alan gave us the finger. What a prick. Alright. I guess, it is back to control central with the two hotties. We get in the sleigh. Hit a button, Wham BAM THAK YOU MAM, We are back in the control room.

Shauna, Jill and I return to the control room. I guess we are going to have take another group to the next trip. Brianna was confused. “Where is Nick at?” I just started giggling. “We jumped into a Christmas theme porn and he decided to stay. I wish it would have been HO! HO! HO! 7, Lick my candy cane. I would have stayed on that one myself. I am really glad however we didn't land in the 4th installment called, Well Hung Stalkings.” Bri thought that sounded like her friend Nick. I decided to get the team together for our next journey into Weird Ass Christmas Stories. I decided to take Chris and one of the quiet hard working elves. I took Becky. I thought this way if it was weird she would just tell us to hit the home button and get the hell out of Dodge. The three of us walk over to the time sleigh, and like Disco in the 80s we were out of there. We are spinning. My stomach can't take much more of this let me tell you. I have an iron stomach but this is getting kind of ridiculous.

Christine, was sitting there wondering what she was going to do. The more and more she thought about it. The more and more pissed she got. Alex decides to come back to the office. “Oh My God, I was just in the champagne room with 15 people and the Easter Bunny. Dirty Things Happened. It was amazing.” Christine just frustrated, “ What did he ever see in you? It's like you bash him to everyone else, but when it comes to him, you play all nice. When, I get magic back, I am going to see it that you never see or hurt him again. Get out my damn sight before I kill you.” Alex leaves the room, “Oh well, it doesn't matter what I do. He is always going to have feeling for you and I hate you for that. I don't ever want to be anything helping out with this again.” Christine knows that is one problem down and she has one to go.

We landed in front of a sound studio again. This is better not have anything to do with Manson. The three of us walk in. The applause sign lights up. YAY!!! I am having a damn moment of Deja Vu. I am not feeling this at the moment. A door opens with a spotlight coming down on it. There are trees around the doors with Dreidels on it. Out walks the one and only William Shatner. “ Welcome to …..My Christmas...Special. William Shatner's...It's a Jewish Christmas.” At that moment Becky and I hear a high pitch scream that I will never be able to shake. The image afterwards still haunts me to this day. “WILLIAM FREAKING SHATNER!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!” Chris starts running around in a circle throwing his arms in all different directions. I have never seen anything like this. Have you ever seen that video, where the kid gets excited to get an N64. It was like that just more nerdy. I thought Anna was bad with Abby from NCIS. This tops that and then some. In that moment Becky said the most perfect line ever, “What the fuck is wrong with that guy?” The two of us ran over to the sleigh and left him where no man has ever watched before. POOF, DISCO BALL. We are back in the control room.

The feeling started getting somber in the control room. It was getting to the point we all felt like giving up. Nothing has worked yet. We started to sit around. Our hearts were breaking. Last year we were able to do it but this year didn't seem like it. We have ran out of options 100%.

Jackson and Cody are working diligently in the source room to to fix the glass tube. It was hard for them to find all the pieces. Puzzles were never these guys strong suit but they were hell bent to fix this mess. Half way trough getting the glass piece glued together. Jackson gets the bright idea to duct tape Cody to the wall for a bit of inspiration. It was at that moment back in the control room, I got the idea. It wasn't Jackson's or Cody's fault at all. This wasn't meant to happen. “All of us need to stick together as a team. That is the only way that this Christmas is going to get saved.” The entire group walked down the hall. Normal people walking with elves hand in hand. This is the only way that this thing is going to get put together. We get in the room to see Cody Duct taped to the wall. Justin says 'Way to just be hanging around man” We all get a good laugh. Justin and Tonya decide to help get him down. We all help Jackson collect the pieces. This is where the powers of the Anglo Fro and Danielle is going to have to come in. Why you ask, They like Puzzles. Look people, they might be cool in the story but they live very boring boring lives. The glass tube is getting put together one piece at a time. Then all of a sudden we were done. What do we now? It just sits there lying dormant on the floor. How are we going to give this thing life?

Dan walks back into his office on his cell phone. “The fucking fixed it! That is impossible. I hope to god they don't get that damn thing working. If they do, this whole plan of ruining Christmas is going to go up like Paris Hilton's music Career. Leadership skills, no fucking way. It would be like Helen Keller leading Stevie Wonder into war. SHIT!!! Every Fucking time.” Dan is fuming at the idea that his plans are going in a bad direction. “Have you given any thought about what I asked you, Miss Christine?” She looked at Dan. Sat there a little bit. She knew this wasn't going to be easy. She looked up at Dan with tears coming down her eyes. Christine answers his question.

We are standing around the source at the moment. All of us. Then out of the clear blue, Danielle starts singing a Christmas song. She starts singing, White Christmas. All of our mouths just kind of dropped. One who starts singing at this moment and two, out of all people why in the hell was it Danielle. Well, it didn't bother any of us. We all joined her in singing. Seriously, we had nothing better to do. After the first verse, the ground began to shake. Things were starting to feel different. The elves started getting their magic back one by one. The source started to lift off the ground. Then all of a sudden a blinding white light. The source was actually working. I looked over at Shauna. “All it took was some Christmas spirit.” Holy shit. I take off straight for the control room. I grabbed Justin and who ever he was holding on to. He was in the circle holding hands with an elf named Jamie. The group is still singing song after song. I tell Justin, “This is our chance to actually find where they are at.” We jump in the sleigh and hit the button. We take off. Poof. White Light!!!!

“I can't believe you would say no Christine. I didn't think that jackass meant anything to you at all. I am still going to ruin this holiday for everyone now.” Christine is sad that she might have just ruined Christmas for everyone but she knew what she had to do. “There is one thing I would like to know Dan? Who is your inside man?” Christine asks. Before Dan gets a chance to answer, his cell phone rings. “It's working. FUCK!!! I am going to have to get out of hear before I get caught. There is no way I am going down. I will let my stooges go down first. Fuck them.” Dan slams his phone down. “ However, before I leave and make my get away. I am going to tell you who has been the other half to the plan. In all honesty the true mastermind behind it all.”

Justin, Jamie and I land right in front of the Boobie Bungalow. “Where the hell are we?” are we asked Jamie. “Oh My God. I know where we are at. We are in the Island of Misfit Christmas Wishes. You don't think we jumped back in to last years story did we?” Asked Justin. We are looking around to see if anything is recognizable. Then all of a sudden, there it was. The van. “That is the van that Christine was talking about.” I think we might have just found Santa Claus. We run into the strip club. Strippers dancing around, Christmas songs. This, I could use to. Justin taps my shoulder, “man is that your girl with like 15 guys and the Easter Bunny?” “Wow, that just broke my heart a little.” Justin pats me on the back. I know it is hard to get over but damn why did I have to see that. We called the police to meet us there after at that very moment. All of a sudden. Out from the back office comes walking Christine and the big guy himself. I hug Christine and hell I even hug Santa. Somehow, in all the fun we have lost Justin and Jamie. Jamie is stripping on Justin. 'Looks like we have a love connection!!!!” I say. We all get in the sleigh and one last time we hit the home button.

We arrive in the control room. Everyone is still singing in the Source room. We walk in there with Santa and Christine. Everyone starts to celebrate. It reminds me of Return of the Jedi. The only thing missing was a some puppets. That would be what would make me giggle however. We all walk into the workshop. Santa, told the elves it is time to bring the best Christmas to the boys and girls around the world. It is all cause of this man right here. Santa, puts his arm around me. This is a moment, I will never forget ever. I am just saying. We go back to celebrating and him preparing for his midnight ride. Christy, takes my arm and whispers in my ear. We need to talk. She leads me into the control room to sit down and talk.

“I want to sit and talk to you. This time it has to be face to face and no jokes” Christine Says

“That is fine” I responded.

“ I think your a great person. You have the biggest heart I have seen of anyone I have met in a long long time. Why do you care so much of finding someone? The right girl will just come along and you know that better than anyone.” Christine said.

“I know!”

“You always go after the wrong women. Never someone who will support what you do. You pick the women that treats you like shit. You either go after a runner, chicks who will lie to you including pregnancy, and most recent, your health keeps getting brought. God damn it. If they actually cared about you, that wouldn't mean a damn thing. They should worry about your happiness and making sure they love you and 15 people and a bisexual bunny.” she says to me.

“That was all kinds of messed up wasn't it.” I responded. “I am going to do something better. I am going to worry about what matters at the moment. I am going to focus more on my comedy and writing. Are we good Christine?”

“I do have one more question.” Christine says as she looks at me with a sad face.

“What's Wrong?” I say

“Is what Dan Said true?” She replies.

“What do you mean?” I say.

“You know damn well what I mean! Is it true?” Christine said.

I have a very hesitant look. My stomach has fallen to the floor. With a heavy heart. “Yes, Christine.”

“If you love Christmas so much, how could you have been the mastermind behind the whole thing?” Christine looks pissed.

“ The last two years has been tough on me. There hasn't been one thing that has made me feel like I was me again. I got sick. I am limited to what I can do. Get mad at me if you want. But, I don't have so much of a family. I wanted to bring everyone together, my friends are my family. I wanted them here with me for Christmas. That is why I did it. I wanted my family with me. I wanted the all under one roof. Cause that is what you, and they are. They are my family. That is why I set this all up.”

Christine looks at me. She gets up. “I am not going to tell anyone the truth, But it does hurt.”

We walk back into the workshop. She takes over position as lead elf and starts getting ready for the long night ahead. She tells all of us, it is time to get ready for the big night. The idea of a party has been suggested and it will be at the solitude of nerdom on Christmas day.

Christmas Day. We are all together under one roof except one person is missing Christine. Everyone is in the solitude drinking some eggnog with, A Christmas Story playing on the tv. Anna is never washing her lips again. Matthew is still in cuffs being watched by Ziva and Mcgee. Gibbs is standing over there, hitting Chris in the back of the head every time he talks about William Shatner. Cary has got a bandage around her tongue and can't talk. That kind of saves us all. Nick is with the porn chick, this guy just hit Christmas everyday. Alan Thicke, is showing that smile again. Alex is no where to be found. Shauna and the other elves are singing Karaoke. I am hoping one of them will sing Britney and dress like her. It's a dream only a man can love. Cody and Jackson are playing the 360 while Danielle, Anglo Fro and Bridget are cooking. Everyone else is shooting some bad ass pool games. I am sitting here taking this all in. This is the moment I have always wanted. Everyone all together at one time. Still wish Christine was here. The movie took a commercial. We saw a preview for an action Christmas movie starring Arnold. He plays Santa and is trying to save Christmas by shooting people out of a sleigh. Honestly, he says “Get to The Sleigh” I couldn't stop laughing. I asked all the elves, “did they actually approve that?” The door bells rings at that very second. I open the door. “We did approve it. Cause it looks BAD ASS.” Christine says at the door. She gives me a hug. “Let's get this party started!!!” Christine says. I know that this is what Christmas is all about.

We hope you enjoyed The 13 Days Of Christmas. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and A Happy new Year from us here at The Buzz Kill!!!