Friday, December 16, 2011

Retro Music Video (Christmas Edition #1)

HO HO HO!!! This is the 4th day of Christmas in The Buzz Kill Blogs 13 Days of Christmas. I really hope that you guys caught part one of this years Christmas Story. Well, it was brought to my attention. For all you people that have lived under a rock or a small cabin in a small town in southwest MO. That some of you haven't read A Christmas Wish last year. Here are the links.

Here is part one !!! A Christmas Wish part 1

And Now Part 2: A Christmas Wish Part 2

And Now Part 3: A Christmas Wish: Part 3

There are 3 parts for you sexy ladies and few select men. And Now for something completely different. Here is part one Not Another Christmas Story: Part 1

Now the cheap plugs are out of the way. We need a good Christmas Song to change the mood around here. I didn't want to put one of the most terrible songs on here. I was listening to the XM Christmas songs channel. This song was playing and today I found the terrible music video. You can't have a perfect Christmas Video without the late Gary Coleman as Santa's helper. I love the late 90s and nothing says the late 90s more than Boy Bands. Combine the two with really terrible hair styles and You have the 1998 video from N'Sync, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays