Sunday, December 04, 2011

Retro Music Video (December 4th)

I am writing a retro video on a Sunday night. That can mean one of three things. 1. The Packers are 12-0. It's a great day to be a fan of Green Bay. That doesn't mean a Retro Video. 2. The BCS title game was announced and I honestly couldn't give two shits. I don't know what will put me to sleep quicker. The LSU BAMA game or AKA the NYQUIL TITLE GAME, or the Bing Crosby movie White Christmas. The only thing that could make that game worse is if Bing did the commentary for that shit storm of field goals. I will go on a rant later about that later. That I guess means the third thing. I am bored on a rainy Sunday night. You can only touch yourself so much before things start to hurt. I don't mean it that way you dirty dirty minded people. I was trying to find an upbeat song that will make you smile when you hear it. Not only will today's Retro Video make you smile but it will make you cringe at the same time. What is the worst gift you could get from your Grandma? Socks? I would love some damn socks hell to yes!!!! It is somewhat edible and if you drop it from a roof top it will bounce to the moon. Trust me, I have seen it and it was dare I say...........AWESOME!!!! Its flubber but the taste is much nastier. Here is the 1994 song by Jimmy Buffet called Fruitcakes.