Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hall Of Hotties

Today, The Buzz Kill Blog is catering to all you single peeps. So what does that mean? Someone is getting inducted into the Hall of Hotties!!! How long has it  been since we have done one of these? I think the space between inductions is kind of getting Ridiculous. Today, since its Valentine's day, what would the best induction be? A singer. Damn Straight. Who would be perfect? Rhianna? Nah, S&M doesn't scream love to me at all. What about Nicki Minaj? Oh hell no!!! My soul would then belong to Satan. Why not choose someone who kinda normal, and has a voice like an angel? That is why the next induction into the Hall of Hotties is:

Not what you were expecting at all, was it? This 23 year old singer busted onto the scene with her 2008 album 19. Ironically, released when she was 19. In 2009 she won the Grammy for best new artist. This chick has some killer pipes and guess what? She isn't that bad on the eyes either. In 2011 she released her critically acclaimed album 21. Her first single Rolling In The Deep reached number 1 with a bullet. I wouldn't mind taking a roll with her in the deep. I know that sounded dirty. She wrote the song in a single afternoon about one of her exes. I could have some fun with her in a single afternoon. I mean some good consenting fun between an American And a Brit. Her second song off that album, Someone Like You, also reached number one in a short span. I think if she met me, that song would have never been made at all. This past weekend she took home 6 Grammy Awards. That is no small feat for any performer. She may not be a twig, but she is one beautiful woman. Who cares about her size, She could sing to me every night. I wouldn't mind her singing my name. We would like to welcome Adele into The Hall of Hotties. Adele if you ever get a chance to read this, I wouldn't mind showing you a thing or two about being famous in America or just someone really good in the bedroom.